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Prove offers a leading combination of expert advisory services, exceptional 401(k) investment options and low management fees, so you can empower your employees to enjoy more financial freedom in retirement.

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*Note: Calculation assumes a 7% annual market return, annual inflation of 3.2%, and a 0.75% reduction in annual 401(k) administration fee through Prove.

The Prove

Employers and employees often pay higher than necessary fees to manage retirement programs. Prove changes that. Here’s what makes us different.

Getting Started

Prove makes it easy to set up a 401(k) program for your employees. Our streamlined onboarding process helps employers and employees start investing quickly.

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Typical steps include:
  1. Complete plan questionnaire and account applications
  2. Access our web portal
  3. Import completed plan documents
  4. Open enrollment to employees
  5. Submit payroll

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Prove works with employers to implement robust, cost-effective 401(k) programs that are easy to manage.

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Prove helps individual employees understand their 401(k) plan options, so they can realize true value from the program.

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