You’ve Got Questions that Need Answering

401(k) plans can be complicated, and your employees are going to need help making selections and managing their investments. This can lead to your HR staff fielding a deluge of questions they’re not prepared to answer. Not to mention, you’ve got your own questions about how the program works and how to administer it effectively. Look no further than Prove for guidance.
Proactive Support from Qualified Professionals

With Prove, your employees have access to financial experts who have decades of experience. They will help participants select a portfolio type, set up their plan, and make any desired investment changes.

When it comes to program management, you’ll work with our administrators, who have all received their Qualified 401(k) Administrators (QKA) credentials from the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA). Additionally, you’ll be able to call us directly and speak to a real advisor who can design a custom solution for your program if your employees need additional guidance on their contributions.

Unlike the big guys, we have the flexibility to deliver proactive advice. We’ll set up annual reviews with you to determine what worked and what didn’t, obstacles with the plan, changes to legislation, new opportunities, your goals, and any company changes. We strive to be a true financial partner, so you and your employees can make informed decisions.

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