Your 401(k) Plan Is Costing You Too Much

Often, companies implement brokerage- or insurance-based 401(k) programs through their payroll provider. These programs tend to have high expense ratio funds, and as a result, high built-in administration fees. This leads to employers and employees incurring unreasonably high costs to manage their retirement plans. Prove changes all that.
No More Hidden Costs

You shouldn’t have to deal with high, hidden program costs. Because index funds have lower expense ratios, they perform higher at a lower cost. That’s why Prove offers your employees access to index funds with low management fees.

With Prove, you pay a one-time fee for record-keeping, and our financial experts manage your program efficiently and in accordance with the latest tax laws, which saves you money over the long run. And, we’re upfront with you about what your program is going to cost your business and your employees from the get-go.

With access to low-cost funds, you can have confidence that you’re putting your employees on a path toward financial freedom in retirement.

Low 401k Fee Planning
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